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About Rotary

Since the first Rotary Lift was built in 1924, quality and craftsmanship are just two words

Rotary owners have come to love and expect. For over 90 years Rotary has been building the

worlds must trusted lifts. For decades Rotary has set the industry standard in quality and value.

When it’s your job to keep your customers happy, you need tools that are reliable and productive. You can depend on Rotary to keep your shop running smooth and productive. Genuine Rotary Parts™ and Accessories are made of the highest quality material and designed to provide maximum performance and minimum downtime. Your customers depend on you. You can depend on Rotary.

Rotary takes pride in the engineering, manufacturing, and testing of their products, and we

take pride in offering them to you as an authorized distributor.

We look forward to serving you.

*We are not Rotary Inc. We are an authorized Rotary distributor.

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