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Design Layout

Need help with the layout of a lift in your shop or planning a new shop? We can assist with the layout, whether it's for one lift or 100. All we need is a building sketch or CAD file, and we can help incorporate the lifts.

Once the lifts are incorporated into the plans, we can provide a 3D rendering of the building with
the lifts. In addition, we can also show other equipment on the plans, such as tire equipment,
reels, cars, and exhaust systems.
Check out these examples:

Whether you are a Dealership, General Contractor, Architect, Tire Shop or Home Owner we can
incorporate lifts into your building.

The first drawing and 3D rendering are provided at no charge, regardless of whether it's for one
lift or 100 lifts. If you send a CAD file, you can receive the drawing back in CAD format. Others
will receive the plans and the 3D rendering as a PDF file.

If revisions are needed, they are $75 for each change. Alternatively, you can purchase up to 10
revisions for $250. If you purchase the lifts from us within 30 days of the first drawing all drawing
payments will be credited to the purchase.

Contact us now to get started. Just email over your plans including email and phone number so we
can have a short chat to determine your needs.

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