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Specifically designed for the Trio™ arms engineered by Rotary these adapters have a collar that’s a little larger to work with the movable second stage design. These adapters replace the current ones used and are wider to fit the frame of the vehicle. You’ll replace the front two adapters on the lift and continue to use the current ones you have for the rear pick up points.
Trio Adapter (2) for 2019 GM Trucks, SPO10/SPOA10-RA/TA with Trio Arms, SPO12/10-400 Series, SL210-RA/TA, SL212/500-800 Series, SL212/1100 Series. These adapters are specifically designed for GM large “wide” frames where the front of the frame around the engine/transmission area is wider than the standard adapters that come with the lift.

FJ6257KIT – Trio™ Wide Frame Truck Adapters

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